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Katbel - Mock Website Challenge

To kick things off, this challenge proposes that we will put together a simple yet engaging website design using Adobe XD. Pre-read warning: This article will be long, so here is what I achieved by the end:

So let's select a colour pallet, name and business nature, and from these details, determine what design patterns we will introduce as well as the ... Read More

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CSS & HTML Custom Timeline Component

Let's build a custom "timeline" component which informs our readers about key events over a period of time! Said no one so enthusiastically, ever. Excluding myself, devoted history teachers and those reading this, of course.

I do mean like those old diagrams seen in your high school history books, which look somewhat like this:

A timeline diagram

Of course, we c... Read More

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Welcome to a little corner of the Internet...

Welcome to the new blog! I have built this blog using a PHP framework I’ve been working on for the past few months. This project has taken me about 3 - 4 days of devoted development time to build.

My name is Marcus Wiseman and below is a picture of me! Charming chap I know.

My alt text

I hope you enjoy your visit and the content of which I... Read More

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